Are you a musician?

If you are interested in selling your music as background music for the app for mobile devices (iPhone, Android, and more) and want to enjoy this site to do it, you can submit your application, provided that:

  1. you are the absolute owner of all rights to your music and its performance;
  2. you are NOT a member of any organization for the collection of royalties;
  3. you are able to tailor your music to special needs, to create loops and versions with different arrangements (multi track);
  4. you must have your own account with PayPal through which to receive direct payments of your sales;
  5. you acknowledge and agree to pay Project Kokiua a small percentage of your sales as expenses for publication on this site.

If all these conditions are satisfied, fill out the form below and we will contact you very soon:


If you have one, please indicate the alias you chose as a musician.
Anonimo, enter here a valid address from which we can hear examples of your musical compositions.
What percentage are you willing to recognize in order to sell your work through this site?