ioKo: so your iPhone can look at you

The experiment of publication of the application has ended. I do not have time to do updates, so I decided to end this experience. Thank you all for your attention ...

  • ioKo is a new, small, artificial pet.
  • Of ioKo you can see only the eyes, which can be of different shapes and colors.
  • Changing the expression of the eyes, ioKo shows you his reactions.
  • ioKo see your presence, because see when you move, or when you move your hands.
  • ioKo has a character very difficult because he do not like to be "shaken" or touched. Because he likes to sit still and watch.
  • ioKo is very self, for this is easily distracted.
  • ioKo is also sensitive to light. He does not like objects too large or too close, and is intrigued by the little things.
  • ioKo also has the ability to show a slide show that appears only when he realize that you're in front of him :-)
To use the slide show you need to copy and paste images from other apps, in the list of ioKo.
Images can also be inserted through the appropriate file sharing feature in iTunes.
The images are compatible with ioKo in jpeg format and PNG (with transparency).
If you dont already have a dock for your device so as to best use ioKo, look at these useful links:
with the template to print and cut: template_iphonepaper.pdf, template_iphonepaper.pdf
with the template to print and cut: cardboard-iphone-dock.pdf
Privacy note: ioKo not record or send video or stills, but merely use the camera in your device to detect objects in front of himself.

If you are a software developer, with ioKo can assess the efficiency of the algorithm KoEye © available here for your applications.